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Lee Martin
via Google

What a wonderful program! I originally took my child to Elite for their Summer Camp Program because I needed a safe, reliable, and affordable childcare option where my son would be active and engaged. They delivered that and so much more.

After that first summer, we stuck with Elite for their After School Program. All of the programs are wonderful, but I especially love the life skills they teach around respect, self discipline, goal setting, confidence, and concentration.

We are ALL IN.... my child now works toward his black belt and also competes in regional and national tournaments with Elite. The level of instruction and support he receives have set him up for success in tournaments, but also in LIFE.

Miranda Combs
via Google

Elite Martial Arts is extremely deserving of 5 stars!! If I could give them more I would. My sons attend the Richmond location for the after-school program and the summer camp. My youngest son has special needs and they are fantastic with him! My older son love the karate classes and all the friends he has made along the way. If you are looking for a place for your kiddos, this is a fantastic place with fantastic staff that I trust very much. Highly recommend them!

Casey Bocook
via Google

Elite Richmond is an amazing group of people. Keegan Myatt is such an amazing instructor and Sensei to the Kids. My Son absolutely loves him. Thanks Elite Richmond. You guys are GOATED!

Brittany Murphy
via Google

I cannot say enough nice things about this location. We have just recently moved, and we still choose to attend class at this location even when there is another Elite 10 minutes down the road from our new house. The staff here is amazing! My daughter has made great progress in the MMA skills thanks to Instructor Myatt. The front desk staff is always available to help, she is extremely knowledgeable, and very kind. If you are looking to enroll your child(ren) in a martial arts program, or take classes yourself, you will not find a better place to go!

Brita Brigmon
via Google

Mr Keegan has become such a positive influence in my sons life!! He always pushes him to do his very best. He is amazing with kids and karate! The confidence and skill I’ve watched my son gain by being a part of this group is amazing! One big family ❤️ we will always be attending Elite Martial Arts

John Hurst
via Google

We love Elite!

My daughter has been going for over a year and has convinced me to join this year. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They have provided us with an outlet to get in shape and learn discipline all while doing something we enjoy.

The after school program is spot on. Can barely get her out the door because she enjoys it there so much....she recently made blue belt this past October.

The teen/adult class is a blast with 3 evening classes each week to accomodate even my schedule. They even have their own tournament circuit which focuses on safe and fun competition for Kentucky and surrounding schools to attend.

I'd highly recommend to anyone!

Dina Sheffield
via Google

This is the best place ever to take your child. The staff is so caring and nice they really take time with the children and know them by name which is impressive with all the kids there. I highly recommend Elite to everyone

Jessica Dominguez
via Google

Elite Martial Arts is not just a place to learn. It's a place of discipline, obedience, structure while keeping all things fun and at being age appropriate. The Instructor in Winchester, Miguel is a very good listener and hears what you say. He is honest and you can trust him. He cares for your child as you care. He has given my child an outlet. A new way to look at things. Not sure if he can fix teenage attitudes LOL but don't think that one's his job. LOL No! But really I have trouble trusting people even with my kids and I trust this person, he has since of calm an amazing attitude, and a way of dealing with my child that sometimes I can't even. He is funny, and and has proven himself and is well taught himself. He teaches the kids extremely well and they do what he says. (most the time) LOL They know when he is serious when he has to be and when he plays around for fun. Elite is a place where the kids can have fun and learn and stay out of trouble. They have an after-school program so they can pick your kids up living in town of course so if your working you don't have to worry on that either, convenient? I think so. You could also drop them off if you needed too. This is my experience and I thought I'd share just some of the things they offer.

Chelsea-John Orme
via Google

We started in Aug of this year and hands down has been the best thing for our son. He has ADHD and ODD and really had a hard time getting his energy out in a healthy way. We looked into Elite and we were so glad we took him. He was hooked from day one! The staff is extremely nice and professional and Mr. Miguel is the best instructor! My son absolutely adores him. Since starting karate his home behavior and school has improved!! 10/10 would recommend elite

Claudia Terpin
via Google

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Elite Martial Arts. My little man did his first belt test yesterday and was able to go up to a yellow belt. Let me tell you that martial arts has been one of the best decisions we have made for our child. He is stronger, more confident, has more self determination, and genuinely excited about his accomplishments. Elite is a great atmosphere, the instructor is so patient and positive with all of the children, and is easy to follow. It warms my heart every time we go to see how excited my little man is about getting to go. It’s not just him either, I have heard multiple kids state things like, “ I’m just so happy to be here.” Schedule a trial class just to see if they like it. The extremely flexible class times makes my life so much easier and gives me time to just watch my child enjoy himself.

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